About Math4Girls

Vali Govier has been called the Math Whisperer because she gets girls to gravitate toward math and truly enjoy this important subject.

The emphasis is on understanding and problem solving not on memorization and speed. Vali encourages girls to talk about the math and what the problem may be asking. What are the best ways to tackle the problem? Can you visualize it, would you like to draw it out?

A lot of questions are asked. Vali can be heard saying “show me the process of how you got to your answer”, and “Figure it out” also, “What do you think?” to encourage the curious learners.

Process is encouraged over speed, understanding over the right answer, and effort is praised. She has a range of students from those who are comfortable in their math learning abilities and want to extend their knowledge, to those who shy away from it and need help gaining confidence and developing their grade level standards.

Vali’s approachable demeanor coupled with extensive knowledge in how to teach young girls create concrete, positive results even when a girl has math phobia.

Vali has helped many young girls enjoy math and would love to help yours too.

Math4Girls Tutoring Options

One on One Tutoring

One on one tutoring is a great way to kick-start the learning process. Sessions are 50 minutes long with a subsequent 5 minute parent recap.

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Math Clubs

Vali’s math clubs bring girls into a group to learn together. Math Clubs are offered twice a year starting in September and January.

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Mastering math gives girls infinite skills and potential, now and forever.


Make your girl’s math knowledge unequal to others.


We teach girls that math is achievable, attainable and makes sense in their lives.


Learn and master the core concepts of all levels of math.


Find out why girls love us.

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